Making the world more predictable.

We accompany you on your way into the AI age – as a reliable data specialist and technology partner.

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AI projects are more than modelling and implementation.

AI is usually also business development and must have a strategic impact.

We provide the appropriate process framework to develop suitable AI-based strategies and applications.

Epic Insights Lifecycle

Ongoing knowledge generation is a requirement for new data and AI strategies from which new technologies can emerge. Our lifecycle ensures iterative project processes with continuous input for our customers to steadily optimize processes, tools and strategies.


We analyse your data sources for your success.

Let’s get started! We discover the hidden stories in our customers’ data with our potential analysis in order to generate business impact. Identifying data potential is the foundation for any AI project. Combined with a wide range of AI tools, this process results in a clean maintainable and easy to use software solution. We offer many years of experience in dealing with data and AI models in various fields:

Social Media & Podcast

Website Tracking & User Behaviour

Product & Warehouse Data

Geo- & mobility Data

Sensor Data

New insights from social media and podcast data

Fragmented data sources, inconsistent insights and limited data comparability between channels are the biggest challenges in dealing with social media data.

NLP-based text analyses, performance forecasts and impact predictions of advertising campaigns are just a few examples of our numerous data science projects in the field of social media and podcast data.

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New insights from behaviour tracking data of your e-commerce users

With insights from anonymous user behaviour, we generate predictions for product sales and content personalisation. content personalisation. Whether an individual solution or an addition to your CRM - we deliver data, analyses and technologies for more business success in e-commerce and a better brand experience on your online shops.

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Predictive analytics for ERP data from online retailers

Reliable data processes and evaluations are the key to successful e-commerce in the 21st century. We bring an overview to your e-commerce data and start where the pure data management of your ERP system ends.

Whether it's complex supply chain processes or the orchestration of tens of thousands of products on many online shops at the same time - we tame the data chaos and deliver the right solutions for all aspects of your price, warehouse and item management.

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Mobility is the topic of the future

Mobility is the topic of the future. In order to make movement flows, logistics and traffic in network systems more efficient, we first need to understand them.

If we know the behaviour in geographical networks and which influencing factors exist, we can generate optimisation models and predictions to continuously monitor and improve complex network systems.

AI solutions for IoT and sensor data

We offer the right solutions for IoT data and sensor analytics and support our customers in the implementation of suitable software, infrastructure and process architectures.

Our toolbox full of methods around data mining and machine learning provides the automation and evaluation processes suitable for your use case to develop predictive systems for IoT and sensor data.

epicinsights toolbox


We enable.

We launch your business into the digital age. And beyond.

In-depth knowledge of the industry helps to evaluate the data and identify optimization levers.

Since 2015, we have been a partner for companies from a wide range of industries with a strong focus on digital business.

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Digital Marketing

Which advertising and communication channel has which impact on the behaviour of my website and online shop visitors? Let’s find out!

Websites &

AI-based user segments, webshop personalisation, price optimisation or supply chain processes – We feel at home along the entire e-commerce value chain.

Smart Mobility &

Optimisation and increased efficiency of mobility and logistics are the topics of the future! We help you find your way around the geographical data space of trains, trucks and people.


Sensor data, whether from fibre optics or machines, hold what is probably the greatest untapped data treasure of our time. We support you in unearthing this treasure!


The right AI application for your Use Case.

The diversity of data and Use Cases, combined with a wide range of AI tools, is shaped into a clean, maintainable and easy-to-use software solution for optimising our customers’ services. To meet these needs, we rely on flexible evaluation mechanisms and a customer-centric service process:

Fluid Personas User Segmentation


Podcast Monitoring

Fluid Personas User Segmentation

We analyze user interests and optimize your content world - neutrally, behavior-based and in real time.

With Fluid Personas you create the basis for a holistic content strategy and targeted content personalisation.

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We optimize your supply chain and warehouse processes with predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics is suitable for a variety of fields of application in the area of merchandise management and logistics in online retail.

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Podcast Monitoring

Insightful Podcast-Monitoring You Will Love

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Your Use Case is not listed yet?

We develop customised AI applications for your Use Case.

Realising AI applications and making them productive means: Connecting the diversity of our customers’ data and Use Cases with the right data science and AI tools. We ensure embedding in a robust, maintainable and easy-to-use software solution that meets the compliance and IT security requirements of our customers. The right infrastructure is just as important as the continuous lifecycle management for all AI models.

In addition to a modular software architecture, we offer the right service process for you.


Epicinsights AI Business Consulting

Together with our clients, we discover the hidden stories in their data and generate real business impact.

After more than 100 successful AI projects, we know many internal and external barriers that need to be overcome when introducing AI-based technologies. We can help you identify and successfully overcome them.

Our interdisciplinary team has wide-ranging expertise in AI application development and AI business consulting.

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