Fluid Personas User Segmentation

Fluid Personas User Segmentation - epicinsights

We analyze user interests and optimize your content world - neutrally, behavior-based and in real time.


What do Fluid Personas do? 

Segments based on Fluid Personas provide new perspectives on your audience.

With Fluid Personas, you create the foundation of a holistic content strategy and targeted content personalization.

Prioritization of topics and products for individual user segments

Dynamic segments based on topic and product interests

Targeted content creation and distribution

With the help of Fluid Personas you will find…

… the relevant users for specific goals!

… and relevant content for the right users!


What questions can you answer using Fluid Personas?

Why do your customers buy your products – and why not?  

How do my non-buyers look like?

What kind of content is relevant for which customer? 

Are you offering the right information in the right place? 


Fluid personas are the basis for predicting user behavior and content performance.

Thanks to Fluid Persona Segmentation, your digital target groups are no longer defined as static and abstractly constructed interest groups.

We analyze your users anonymously and purely based on behavior. This allows us to identify trends, changes or new interests at any time on a granular data level.

Mapping of dynamic user profiles

100% anonymous and GDPR compliant

AI-based calculations on all properties of all users

Detection of interest variations and content preferences

Non-buyer analysis

Analysis of user behavior and content along the user journey

Processes over 200x more data compared to traditional tools

Our packages

New insights, context & trends at the most granular data level in the form of AI based user segmentation.With Fluid Personas, you create the foundation of a holistic content strategy and targeted content personalization.


We review your existing data and implement appropriate tracking methods if required.

For data analysis, clustering and evaluation of the Fluid Personas we use our in-house toolset epicAi.

The presentation of results includes the data-driven behavioral profiles of your user groups, an overview of user behavior on your website/webstore and shows patterns and correlations in behavior for content and conversion goals.

We also provide data interpretation, recommendations, optimization suggestions and derive the expected business impact.
  • Tracking & Data Review
  • User segmentation with the help of Fluid Personas
  • Presentation of results
  • Development of application scenarios with business impact


  • Evaluation of effectiveness for user groups and content offerings
  • Recommendations for content strategy
  • Temporal content monitoring
We evaluate your existing content and website modules in terms of their effectiveness for specific user groups.

Using the behavior-based user profiles, we derive a suitable recommendation for your content strategy and observe the temporal variability of the impact of your content offerings.


By using Artificial Intelligence for behavior prediction and user segmentation, you not only gain novel and strategic insights.

We also answer the question of how you can generate real business impact from it.

We cast the right use cases for you into sustainable applications and automation processes. E.g. data pipelines, automated reports, analysis dashboards, processes for content personalization or applications for automated user attribution.
  • Monthly reporting & optimization updates
  • Consulting & implementation of applications covering the topics:
  • AI-based personalization
  • Dashboard solutions and data pipelines
  • Process development for continuous user attribution

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