Fluid Personas User Segmentation

Fluid Personas User Segmentation - epicinsights

We analyze user interests and optimize your content world - neutrally, behavior-based and in real time.

Measure the relevance of your products to unknown users browsing your websites or online store.

User segmentation with Fluid Personas delivers new perspectives on your online shop users!

With Fluid Personas you create the basis for a holistic content strategy and targeted content personalisation.


Analysis of the purchase decision process of your users.


Dynamic segmentation based on topic and product interests.


Identification of relevant topics & products for individual user segments.


Predicting user decisions in the user journey of your online shop.

How do Fluid Personas work?

Generation of interest scores for topics & products on your website

Measurement of the user engagement along the user journey

Analysis of dynamic product focus for different user types

Based on anonymous user behavior and product interests, we generate fluid user groups…

… and observe their dynamics over time!

Benefits of Fluid Personas at a glance.

  • Continuous measurement of topic relevance
  • Dynamic behavior segmentation
  • Funnel analysis
  • Impact analysis of your advertising measures
  • DSGVO-compliant website personalization

How do Fluid Personas differ from “Classic Personas”?

Classic Personas

… who is my strategic desired customer?

  • View from a macro perspective
  • High degree of data abstraction and stereotyping
  • Highly simplified view of reality
  • No consideration of temporal variability
  • Complexity and multi-layeredness of human behavior is not represented

Fluid Personas

… what drives my ACTUAL customers?

  • Use the full scope of data at a high level of detail (micro perspective)
  • Focus on behavioral data & meta data, not personal data!
  • the customer reality is reflected undistorted in behavior
  • Temporal dynamics of user behavior and user characteristics are taken into account

AI-based Fluid Personas are bias-free and complement classic target group analysis from a bottom-up perspective in real time

What makes Fluid Personas unique?

Our tracking delivers over 200x more data compared to traditional tools

Mapping of dynamic user profiles

AI-based calculations on all properties of all users

Detection of interest variations and content preferences

100% anonymous and DSGVO compliant

Non-buyer analysis

Analysis of your content for positive or negative impact on the user along the funnel

Fluid personas as a basis for predicting user behavior and content performance.

With Fluid Persona Segmentation, your digital target groups are no longer static, abstractly constructed interest groups . We analyze your users anonymously and purely based on behavior. This allows us to identify trends, changes or new interests at any time on a granular data level.

Measure your users’ purchase decision process

The behavior of a user in the funnel provides information about his or her decision-making stability. By analyzing the swing vs. focus behavior of your users, we derive suitable measures that optimally accompany each user group to conversion.

AI-based user segmentation

Fluid Personas deliver real business impact for your marketing mix

DSGVO-compliant content personalization on anonymous user behavior data

Data-based foundation for optimizing your holistic content strategy

Evaluation & optimization of the effectiveness of marketing measures and channels on decision-making processes

Impact analysis and performance predictions for nurturing and re-targeting measures

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