Our AI and data-driven analytics make your processes more effective and generate business impact.

We have been implementing data and AI projects in an interdisciplinary team since 2015. This makes us one of the most experienced technology providers in the AI field in Germany.

We help our customers to better understand their target groups and processes and to optimize their business models.


Business models and marketing strategies must be viewed holistically in order to better understand and optimize one’s own target groups and processes. 

For us, AI is an assistant and a perception enhancer – it helps us identify patterns in big data, derive actions and make your business more predictable. 

For us, AI is not a stand-alone discipline, but we see it as an “optimization layer” that can be applied across all departments, teams and processes. For us, AI is a strategic way of thinking. 



We focus on the company’s own data: We always prioritize the collection, development and use of internal data within the company and link it at meaningful points with data from external providers (Google, Facebook, etc.).

In this way, we reduce dependence on third parties and make our customers “masters in their own data house”.


Our self-developed machine learning platform epicAi serves as the basis for your AI projects.

We offer a proven Big Data infrastructure and process landscape that can be flexibly connected to any customer system or integrated via individual components.


We see AI as an interdisciplinary category and always consider all necessary stakeholders – internal and external.

We help you break through/overcome internal barriers and create an understanding within the company for the processes and implementation of data projects. 


We plan projects transparently and will always deal openly and directly with the unpredictability of AI and data processes.

In case of doubt, we also speak the unpleasant truths and do not leave you alone with them.

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