Predictive Sales Funnel Modeling

Predictive Sales Funnel Modeling - epicinsights

We predict user decisions and optimize the user journey of your website until the purchase is completed.


What are the benefits of AI-based modeling of the sales funnel? 

Optimized user experience

CTR and conversion optimization for every step in the sales funnel

Decision-based and optimized content distribution 

Real-time calculation of the “Sales Affinity Score” for each visitor:

Along the entire user journey, we calculate the affinity to reach the target for each user session. This opens up the following advantages:

  • Visibility of your users’ decision-making process on your website
  • Evaluation of your content with regard to its conversion impact
  • Real-time calculation of the probability that a user will reach the next destination in the funnel.

We know the most likely content – goal combination for each user


With our predictive sales funnel approach, we answer the following questions:

Do you know what your users are doing on your website?

How effective is your content and how does it pay off in terms of your goals?

Which “check points” on the user journey are important for completing a purchase?

When and what is the “next best action” for each individual user on the way to achieving the goal?


With our predictive sales funnel modeling you achieve:

Analysis of your content for positive or negative impact on the user along the funnel

Dynamic optimization of your sales funnel

Identification of the appropriate content for target achievement per funnel step

Enhancement of the user experience on your website/ webshop

Whether as a strategic tool or in the form of individual automation solutions.

With our Sales Affinity Scoring you create versatile business impact! 

Our packages

New insights, context & trends at the most granular data level in the form of AI based user segmentation


Based on user behavior, we derive an individual sales funnel and representative session profiles.

For each conversion step, we identify user segments (Fluid Personas) and analyze their changes as the sales funnel progresses.

Key content and interaction offers are identified based on user segment, funnel step, and affinity score.

Additionally, we uncover critical bounce and problem scenarios in your website/ webstore.
  • Identification of user segments along the sales funnel
  • Development of representative session profiles for critical content & interaction offerings
  • Identification of possible jump & problem scenarios


  • Development of suitable KPIs for user journey analysis
  • Derivation of funnel-related measures based on conversion cubes
  • Development of content & creative requirements
We develop suitable KPIs for user journey analysis as the basis for predictive scoring for defined conversion and click-through targets

Based on real user behavior, we derive necessary variants of the content offering and develop suitable business cases for you.

With the help of so-called conversion cubes, we work with you to develop suitable portfolios of measures and interaction offers per session profile and funnel step for a sales-oriented content and UX strategy as well as targeted re-targeting measures.


Using our session-based affinity score, we create suitable real-time applications with real business impact for you!

Real-time applications can be used for the targeted playout of personalized content and interaction offers that support users on their way to their destination.

Also available are assistants for optimized editorial content creation and for automating your re-targeting processes.
  • Content personalization
  • Assistants for editorial content optimization
  • Automation of re-targeting processes

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