Predictive Customer Journey Modeling

Predictive Customer Journey Modeling - epicinsights

We analyze the purchase decision process of your users across multiple channels. Together, we optimize your content and the impact of your channels throughout the entire customer journey.

We measure the “swing” of your users in the decision-making process

A user’s erratic behavior (swing) in the funnel provides information about his or her decision-making strength.

By predicting the swing of each user, we derive suitable measures that accompany the user until conversion.

We develop an AI-based model for the entire buyer decision process across all sessions and channels.


Which questions can you answer with the help of our customer journey analysis?

What measures do you use to accompany your customers during their purchase decision?

Which channels play an important role for which target group segments?

How many visits and information touchpoints do your customers need to make the purchase decision?

Which channel has the greatest impact on a purchase decision with which content at what time?


Our AI-based customer journey analysis provides real business impact for your marketing mix

Targeted and sustainable support for users in making purchasing decisions

Monitoring and optimizing your marketing efforts across your digital ecosystem

Automated Customer Lifecycle Management

Determination of probabilities for conversion – and product preferences for upcoming visits

Evaluation of the effectiveness of marketing measures and channels on decision-making processes

Impact analyses and performance predictions for nurturing and re-targeting measures

Our packages

Unique insights into your customers' decision-making processes, strategic evaluation of your channels and or applications for dynamic retargeting - combine our service packages for the right AI-based business impact!


Through returning customers of your website or webshop, we derive new insights and behavioral patterns.

We determine the conversion probabilities for the revisit per user, product and time and measure the effects and impact of your individual marketing measures, their temporal impact and effectiveness.
  • Recognizing new insights & behavior patterns
  • Determining conversion probabilities in real time for users
  • Measuring effects & impacts of marketing measures


  • Strategic evaluation of marketing measures & channels
  • Development of individual KPIs
  • Planning of re-targeting & other marketing measures
  • Customized AI-based Attribution Logic
First, we conduct a strategic assessment of your individual marketing efforts and channels.

With the results, we develop individual KPIs to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing measures with regard to your goals.

Based on the real user behavior, the planning of variation and frequency for re-targeting and other marketing measures follows.

Finally, we work with you to develop custom AI-based attribution logic.


Use our predictive customer journey modeling for innovative ad targeting.

Automate your process for re-targeting activities and leverage real-time data pipelines into your ad infrastructure. Or take advantage of the opportunities to measure the business impact of real-time optimization of your ad costs and effectiveness of your actions in the context of cost-of-conversion optimization apps.

For the dynamization and personalization of advertising measures, we develop attribution modeling for you that is based on cross-channel user behavior and content performance. Use the possibilities of dynamic lead nurturing based on user-related penetration frequency and influence measurement on user behavior.
  • Dashboard and monitoring solutions
  • Development of interfaces and apps for targeting and re-targeting measures
  • Cost-of-Conversion-Optmization
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Dynamic Lead Nurturing

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