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We optimize your supply chain and warehouse processes with predictive analytics.

What does CASTLY provide as an SCM solution? 

Predictive analytics is suitable for a wide range of applications in the field of merchandise management and logistics in e-commerce.

All data at a glance

Assessment of requirements with one click

Avoiding out-of-stock situations

Reduction of storage costs

Recommendations for relocation & restocking


… you get an overview of sales figures and performance data for all items.

… you plan your demand for goods for up to 12 months into the future.

… you get a balanced distribution of products across all warehouses.

What can CASTLY’s AI-based requirements analysis accomplish?

  • Sales forecasts, trends & seasonality for all products and variants
  • Requirements analysis & demand planning for upcoming sales periods, incl. promotions
  • Stock analyses & demand management

Which additional benefits does CASTLY provide in the area of warehouse management?

  • Stock forecasting & optimization of stock times
  • Replenishment planning for your warehouses
  • Automation of stock transfer processes

Dynamic SCM and AI-based stock analytics are the key to greater efficiency and profitability

Our data intelligence platform bundles all data from your ERP system. CASTLY provides a flexible evaluation of all incoming e-commerce data from your branched distributor and online shop network.

Comparison of sales performance across all products

No IT integration necessary

Configurable dashboard

BI data configuration

Microsoft Navision API with Data Pipelines

Identification of demand fluctuations and sales trends across all channels and accounts

Multi-client user management and user rights administration

Export to PDF report and CSV

CASTLY provides you with novel business insights from your daily operations.

Utilize the data potential of your online business and discover real optimization potential along your entire e-commerce value chain

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