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Discover the future of e-commerce

Measurably more satisfied customers, higher conversions, increased sales: with epic insights ’ Fluid Personas.

The new reality of digital business models is challenging:

  • Diversification of relevant channels
  • Steadily rising flood of data
  • High supplier competition
  • Decreasing customer loyalty

Our answer is a modular predictive analytics platform.

  • Fluide Personas
  • Target Personas

Identify so far unknown target groups for more effective communication activities - based on behavioral data of all website users.

What are the relevant characteristics?

Where can you uncover more unique potential?

epicAi - Fluide Persona Tool
epicAi - Target Persona Tool

Define your personal focus and create interactive target group analyses - dynamically adapting to your operational and strategic questions.

For example, do you know how potential Affiliate-Partners, product buyers and blog readers differ from one another?

These six solutions make epic Ai special.


epic Ai clusters thousands of signals per user session. This enormous data density makes detailed segmentation of target groups possible.


epic Ai allows for a purely data-based, granular and unbiased definition of target groups.


Never again exclude potential target groups from marketing and sales activities due to incomplete assumptions.

epic Ai helps etablish a more efficient strategic course for your marketing machine - including the acquisition of new customers.


What makes a target group analysis good?

A good target group analysis is dynamic and provides you with optimal support to meet the needs of your visitors at any time - with 100 times more data points per session than in classical web analyses.


The modular structure of epic Ai integrates artificial intelligence custom-fit into every system.

This ensures the optimal interaction between your expertise and our know-how.


epic Ai combines statistical methods and software solutions for capturing and predicting visitor behavior - the basis for customized user journeys to convert a maximum number of visitors in the shortest possible way.

One Predictive Analytics Tool
The full potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The three components of epic Ai at a glance

  • Analyze
  • Predict
  • Engage

Identify behavioral data and user characteristics of unknown users

With epic Ai you can look deep into the DNA of your users and gain completely new insights for your planning and marketing.

Identify relevant user characteristics for your digital strategy at any time with the help of our innovative concept of "fluid personas". This way you can get a clear idea of the true needs of your target groups.

Use predictive analytics models to optimize each user journey

Considering your individual goals, epic Ai offers customized predictive analytics algorithms which allow for recommendations of actions and strategies to meet your specific business and campaign goals.

Fully automated delivery of relevant content for a target group using real-time data analysis and success monitoring.

Our self-learning algorithms process each visit and each interaction of your users and make predictions about future user behavior patterns.

With our Engage module, epic Ai controls the automated delivery of your content throughout your existing infrastructure – all without rule-based processes, any administrative effort and without any personal user data.

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