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We enable AI for your business

epic insights is a specialist for advanced analytics and artificial intelligence with focus on technology and consulting for your digital business.

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We accompany you into the age of artificial intelligence.

epic insights offers consulting, conception and the realization of individual solutions around the topics of data mining, analytics, predictive analytics and Machine Learning.

The key to the successful realization of a data strategy is an experienced and interdisciplinary data science team.

Implementing data-driven applications and processes holds complex requirements for the team. Our project team comprises highly specialized consultants with many years of project experience in the following areas:

  • E-business, digital marketing & E-Commerce
  • Mathematics, Physics & Machine Learning Programming
  • Natural Language Processing / Linguistics
  • Infrastructure & Software-Technology

With this skill set, we are perfectly equipped for a needs-oriented project setup and look forward to new challenges and implementing your ideas with you.

We at epic insights stand for holistic and sustainable customer care.


Big Data / AI-Consulting

You want to draw on our expertise but build your teams and applications inhouse?

No problem.

We provide you with individual consulting services for your inhouse projects.

Data Strategy Development

We accompany you on your way to a data-driven business strategy.

Our consulting team offers overall support for overcoming data silos and restructuring organizational and technical processes when you are on your way to a sustainable data strategy and a durable infrastructure and process environment.

Data mining & data analytics

We discover the story in your data

Especially in digital business, the data world is fast, dynamic and fragmented.

Different channels, data streams and metrics need to be tuned towards each other and harmonized in order to work out their added value.

Only by taking a holistic approach, it is possible to detect the story behind the data, give it direction and influence the results of your own brand communication.

Only few agencies and businesses have the appropriate processes, resources and technologies available to face this challenge. We change that.

We support you in gaining new insights from large amounts of data and to automate this knowledge process.

Data Management and processing

No matter which kind of AI you want to apply

It will only be as good as the data you use to train it. Before a AI application can do its work, it is often necessary to put great effort into pre-treatment of the data.

Tasks, such as data cleaning, calibration, smoothing and dimension reduction are only partly automatable and make up more than 70% of the project efforts.

Utilize our project experience and outsource this important task directly to our experts – for higher efficiency in your Big Data projects

AI - Application Development

We develop perfectly fitting predictive analytics software solutions, backend and frontend components and the appropriate middle ware for your digital process chain.

Far off the „buzzword bingo“, we guide you into the world of AI and find suitable implementation scenarios for your use cases in the field of artificial intelligence.

No matter if it is audio or image processing, NLP or behavior data – we unearth the maximum of your data treasure and develop the best automation solution for your digital business processes.

Form data extraction and preprocessing all the way to the evaluation of methods – we deliver sustainable and pragmatic solutions for realizing your AI - based use cases with your data. 

epic Ai - our flexible machine learning platform as the basis for your AI processes

The infrastructure of epic Ai is the basis for our unique approach to website personalization.

Simultaneously, it is a proven Big Data infrastructure framework that is flexibly implemented into any customer system - as a whole or in single components.

Discover epic Ai

epic Ai is an AI framework and backend solution for your AI project. It gives you the following advantages: 

  • Components fully adaptable to your project requirements
  • Comprehensive data pre-processing, data management and training pipeline
  • Flexible data hosting and processing options (conform with GDPR)
  • Scalability thanks to the existing cloud infrastructure, able to handle very large amounts of data and dispersed computation requirements
  • High degree of availability and performance
  • User management, monitoring and flexible backend components for administration

Our offer especially for digital marketeers

Predictive analytics for digital campaigns and E-Commerce.

You have a data set and want to find out what is generally possible?

epic insights combines technical know-how and advanced analytics competencies to form a unique range of services:

Quick-Checks and detailed analyses of your data basis:

  • Behavior-based and context sensitive real time analysis of online-shops, websites and apps based on complex and unstructured data sets from different data sources
  • Detection of relevant user groups and information for reaching your goals within your online presences
  • Generating and monitoring dynamic user segments  

Big Data - processing and automation solutions

  • Consulting for data structuring, analysis and prediction models
  • Overall optimization of your data sources and data streams
  • Technical concepts and implementation of individual software solutions for predictive analytics
  • Controlling and automation of self-learning algorithms within your digital procedural landscape

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AI project setup at a glance

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epic insights tool set at a glance:

Digital Technologies

  • Feature-based live tracking
  • Cross-channel and cross-device tracking
  • Automated data processing and visualization
  • External data connections
  • Automation processes

Advanced Analytics

  • Merging and structuring of different data sources
  • Development of individual analysis algorithms
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Relevance analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image and video analysis

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