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We discover the story in your data.

Using Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, we continue this story and guide you to your destination.

epic insights is a consulting and software development company for data mining, advanced and predictive analytics and machine learning. Our customers are e-commerce and digital marketers.

Design your digital campaigns, websites, apps and online shops based on statistically generated predictions that we extract from your data.

We accompany you on this path and beyond - as a reliable data specialist and technology partner.

epic Ai is pure artificial intelligence for your online shop

Measurably more satisfied customers, higher conversions, higher turnover: Discover the future of e-commerce - with Ai from epic insights .

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Identify the important storylines in your data

We find the epic in your insights!

Especially in digital business, the world of data is fast, dynamic and fragmented. It consists of several channels, data streams and metrics. Only by taking a holistic approach, you can discover the story behind this data and steer its course – thereby positively influencing the results of your own brand communication.

Only few agencies and companies possess the appropriate processes, resources and technologies to meet this challenge. We will change that.

We provide accurate forecasts of user behavior, content relevance and campaign performance.

We analyze and structure your data generated in e-commerce systems and digital campaigns. The goal is to create the maximum relevance of digital content for your users.

With the integration of self-learning algorithms and continuous optimization, we improve your targeting, boost your conversions and increase your turnover.

Our consulting process


Improve campaign performance and conversions through machine learning

Our team, consisting of data scientists, programmers and linguists, automatically analyze and structure large amounts of data from online shops, websites and digital campaigns. On this premise we develop customized, intelligent predictive analytics software solutions for digital brand communication.

Predictive analytics for digital campaigns and e-commerce

You have a data records and want to find out what is generally possible?

epic insights combines technical know-how and advanced analytics competence, offering a unique portfolio of services:

  • Quick evaluation of your data pool
  • Detailed status quo analyses of your data with regard its potential for predictions
  • Technical concepts and realization of individual software solutions with predictive analytics
  • Consulting for data structuring, analysis and prediction models

Obtain a holistic view on your data story and manage your process of gaining insight in your data with the help of intelligent algorithms for accurate results.

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We continue your narrative...

Based on our status quo analyses, we work with you to define the appropriate levers for working effectively in the Smart-Data cosmos. Together, we generate true added value and sustainable effects for your digital campaigns:

  • Behavior-based and context-sensitive real-time analyses of online shops, websites and apps based on complex, unstructured data from various data sources
  • Real-time measurement of user and information relevance in your online presences to reach your goals
  • Holistic optimization of your data sources and data streams
  • Control and automation of self-learning algorithms within your digital process-landscape.

epic insights tool set at a glance:

Digital Technologies

  • Feature-based live tracking
  • Cross-channel and cross-device tracking
  • Automated data processing and visualization
  • External data connections
  • Automation processes

Advanced Analytics

  • Merging and structuring of different data sources
  • Development of individual analysis algorithms
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Relevance Analysis

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